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Is BMS necessary for lithium battery? If yes, Then why?

Yes, it is necessary for lithium battery. Since lithium battery is hazardous goods and may cause leakage or fire if misused. PCM and BMS is a necessary method to protect the battery from over-charge, over-discharge, over-current, over-temperature and short circuit. BMS also has functions of SOC(state of charge), SOH(state of health), communication and LCD screen etc.

What are the possible reasons for zero voltage or low voltage of the battery pack?

Short circuit or open circuit of the connector or wrong connection, desoldering or cold solder joint between the batteries and lead, wrong connection between the batteries. 

What are the possible reasons if the rechargeable battery or rechargeable battery pack can not be charged?
  1. The battery is zero voltage or there is battery with zero voltage in the battery pack. 
  2. There is wrong connection inside the battery pack. 
  3. There is abnormity of electronic components and/or PCB inside the battery pack. 
  4. There is failure in charger. 
  5. Outer element causes the charging efficiency to be too low, such as extremely low or high temperature.

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