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Melasta offers a variety of energy storage solutions that are scalable and based on lithium iron batteries and a lithium battery system designed in series with modules. Increase the overall safety and the service performance of the product by using the reliability of the BMS system and advanced balancing technology. The whole system is equipped with the advantages of a flexible configuration as well as high reliability. The devices are used extensively in the home energy storage system as well as distributed energy storage and photovoltaic energy storage.

As renewable energy production grows, energy providers are challenged to provide secure energy at a high-cost efficiency. The Melasta Energy Storage Solutions promote on-demand renewable power that is dispatched able and increase profits during fluctuations in demand, improve the power source on-site and capitalize on the peak load (while cutting demand costs) as well as increase the conventional capacity of power plants, as well as supply operating reserves while increasing reliability of the energy source you use. Our team utilizes cutting-edge technology and design tools to customize an agnostic technology portfolio tailored to your needs.

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Custom Battery Solution

Melasta offers a wide variety of sizes and configurations to support diverse applications. In addition, for applications with specific power requirements, our experienced engineers can develop, test, and create customized battery solutions to meet the unique needs of almost every application. Contact us today to get more details about our tailored battery solutions.

Why Choose Melasta?

The customization and products of Melasta Battery aim to provide smart innovative integrated solutions, which are based on project management, rely on specialized teams, and dedicate Research and development labs, have core competitiveness of “quick response, unique customization and reliable assurance”, to satisfy the requirements of innovative projects.

Rich Experience

More than 11 years battery industry manufacturing experience

R&D Labs

two dedicated R&D Labs with more than 20 engineers for customised solutions


all products compliance with IEC61960, CE, UL2054, UL1642, UN38.3 and all other certifications

Smart Solutions

battery hardware and software develpment solutions


Quick response to inquirey within 24 hours


Two manufacturing facilities

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