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Stand-Alone Applications

Reliable Battery Solution for Stand-Alone Applications

Lithium-ion battery technology is a reliable, low maintenance, and cost-effective solution for stand-alone applications. LiFePO4 batteries will always be the first choice when the return on investment matters most because they are able to operate under extreme temperatures with minimal degradation in performance or capacity.

Powering Stand-Alone Applications in Remote Areas

Lithium batteries are the way to go when you need to power up your equipment, especially when it is in remote locations where there aren’t any outlets nearby. They come packaged in bulk, and they allow positioning close by for easy access. This means that they limit losses from electrical connections since this type of battery can be placed pole-mounted or even on a street light

Lithium Batteries for Solar Street Lights

Keeping solar street lights running all night is possible with rechargeable batteries that are specifically designed for this purpose. Brought to you by Melasta, these high-capacity lithium cells with intelligent technology can provide a lifetime of even more than five years.

Pole-Mounted Equipment

For pole-mounted equipment, it’s essential to have a battery that lasts. A good choice is a lithium battery because it can survive for a longer time without recharging. Lithium batteries are a reliable choice for different types of stand-alone applications, and having these in pole-mounted equipment is a worthy investment

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