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Lead Acid Replacement

Based on the form of the lead-acid battery, the lead-acid battery replacement uses the highly safe lithium iron phosphate cell to provide a high energy density, a wide temperature range, and a variety of capacities with a range of 12V or 24V. As a result, it is effortless to replace the lead-acid battery. It also has a high cold-start current and battery start with a minimum of 20% of its residual capacity.

Since lithium ion has more energy density, greater capacitance for voltage, and less self-discharge, lithium-on, the replacement of lead-acid batteries, is an increasingly popular choice to replace lead-acid batteries with lithium-Ion. Melasta Lead-acid replacement series offers top-quality lithium-ion battery replacements for lead-acid at a competitive price. 

Why Switch to Lithium Batteries?

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Custom Battery Solution

Melasta offers a wide variety of sizes and configurations to support diverse applications. In addition, for applications with specific power requirements, our experienced engineers can develop, test, and create customized battery solutions to meet the unique needs of almost every application. Contact us today to get more details about our tailored battery solutions.

Why Choose Melasta

The customization and products of Melasta Battery aim to provide smart innovative integrated solutions, which are based on project management, rely on specialized teams, and dedicate Research and development labs, have core competitiveness of “quick response, unique customization and reliable assurance”, to satisfy the requirements of innovative projects.

Rich Experience

More than 11 years battery industry manufacturing experience

R&D Labs

two dedicated R&D Labs with more than 20 engineers for customised solutions


all products compliance with IEC61960, CE, UL2054, UL1642, UN38.3 and all other certifications

Smart Solutions

battery hardware and software develpment solutions


Quick response to inquirey within 24 hours


Two manufacturing facilities

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