Integrated Battery software and hardware solution

Melasta offers a wide variety of sizes and configurations to support diverse applications. In addition, for applications with specific power requirements, our experienced engineers can develop, test, and create customized battery solutions to meet the unique needs of almost every application. Contact us today to get more details about our tailored battery solutions.


Customer requirements and battery evaluation by R&D

Melasta R&D evaluates the customer’s needs according to the working conditions such as temperature, size, battery usage time, and safety features. Since our engineers are highly qualified so we can offer the solution evaluation within three working days.

PCB design and components selection such as IC, Resister, capacitors

At Melasta, we take care of every component inside the battery, from a small resister to the main PCB board. We help customers design the PCB according to the requirements, including a fit shape without taking extra space.

Software design

A perfect customized software design is crucial for data safety and monitoring cell functions, and getting the data on the mobile app, cloud servers, and other devices, including symmetric encryption algorithms, asymmetric cryptographic algorithms, and protocols CAN BUS, RS485 Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi.

E Mobility Cell Chemistry Selection

Battery cells are an integral component that makes up the entire battery pack. Melasta offers an exceptional experience for customers who can alter their batteries to meet their specifications, and the batteries are compatible with the drive systems. The most commonly used chemistry for E-bike batteries is LiCo02 and NCM. However, Melasta also has a LiFeP04 battery as well. Additionally, Melasta is the dealer for several international brands like Panasonic, Samsung, Sony, LG, and BAK, and others, guaranteeing that your batteries will always be of the highest quality and power.

Custom E Mobility Battery Cells

Battery hardware accessories selection

We have been in battery assembling service since 2008, and we know the best material to use for the best quality battery packs. We offer a wide range of accessories materials which can easily integrate with the whole system.

Waterproof design preparation

E mobility is replacing the conventional vehicles, so it must work in all the conditions such as smoothly working in the rainy days and bearing the harshness of the hot weather. Melasta custom battery solutions can offer protection up to IP68.  

Shockproof design and simulation testing

While designing the battery pack e-bikes, Melasta considers all the possible application areas for the e bike, such as biking on mountains and rough roads where battery might be shaken many times. Melasta custom battery solutions are shockproof designs and pass all the tests.


Melasta battery solutions can get all kinds of international certifications such as UL, UN38.3, MSDS, CE, KC, CB, and BIS.

Low-Temperature Battery Solutions

Melasta can offer the low temperature battery solution discharging up to -40-degree C to meet the cold temperature requirements in countries where the temperature is shallow.

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Melasta Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) solutions offer the perfect blend of Our innovative technology which is designed to meet your specific specifications for your product.

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