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Golf Cart Batteries

Revolutionary Design of Golf Cart Batteries

Our lithium golf cart batteries are revolutionary that provide the perfect fit for all types of golf cars, utility vehicles, and more. Unlike other batteries on the market today, this one-of-a-kind product not only fits like it was made specifically for your power needs but also comes with an intuitive management system giving you peace of mind while maximizing quality from within.

More Distance Covered by Golf Carts

Melasta’s lithium golf cart batteries are designed to last longer and provide more distance. They utilize advanced technology, which is why they’re able to offer a stronger charge than other brands. This means you’ll be able to spend more time on the golf course, rather than at the charging station. Melasta’s golf cart batteries come in different sizes that fit your needs.

More Environmentally Friendly

Lithium golf cart batteries are the future of environmentally friendly battery technology. They take significantly less time to fully charge, resulting in using less energy and providing a cleaner environment for your vehicle!

Powering the Lights on Your Golf Cart

With lithium golf cart batteries, you can expect more brightness than conventional batteries. Steer your way easily through the darkness while returning from your game.

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Melasta Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) solutions offer the perfect blend of Our innovative technology which is designed to meet your specific specifications for your product.

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