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48 Volt Lithium Battery 50Ah Module For Off-Grid ESS with LCD Screen

Voltage: 48 V
Capacity: 50 Ah
Power: 2.4 Kwh
Chemistery: LiFePO4

ESS Technology Features


2X the power of traditional batteries


 The Weight and Space


4X Cycle Life


Safe and Reliable


Useable Capacity


Charges upto 5X Faster

A Partial State of charge (PSOC)

A partially charged state is not the best alternative when it comes to lead-acid batteries. Lead-acid batteries don’t perform well if they are not properly charged. In such a scenario, lithium-ion batteries will be the best option that will work well in a partial state of charge. Melasta batteries are able to function properly even when they are in a charging state.

Capacity Utilization Compression

The typical Lead-acid battery is larger in size, however, they have lower energy density when contrasted to Melasta Li-ion battery. Melasta batteries offer 100percent of the claimed capacity and have a much lower self-discharge rate. They are more durable with high durability and reliability.

High Efficiency

Melasta batteries are extremely efficient, with an efficiency of 99% of charging and discharging. They are extremely resistant and can recharge much faster in comparison to traditional lead-acid batteries. Lead-acid batteries are able to achieve 60% capacity, and they have a lower recharge rate.

The Longest Life Cycle

Melasta has developed its batteries to meet modern standards of technology and manufactures them at the top of the line factories with the latest technology. Therefore, the life of our batteries lasts 10 years longer than conventional lead-acid batteries. Melasta batteries are still able to provide up to 85% to 80 percent of their capacity after completing the 2000 cycles. Therefore, it will reduce the replacements of your batteries for your appliances.

Maintenance Free

The most appealing thing about Melasta Li-ion batteries is they don’t require any maintenance, and no watering, and no corrosion. The self-discharge rate is extremely small for Melasta batteries. They also don’t lose capacity when they are idle and this feature can ensure that you have energy when you require it.

Green Energy

Melasta manufactures all batteries that meet international environmental and safety standards. It does not make use of any harmful material that could impact natural environmental conditions. Melasta is proud to supply renewable energy to the world.

Product Information


The 48 Volt Lithium Battery 50Ah series is gaining a good name for solar battery systems and the telecom base station industry due to its high efficiency, long cycle life, and excellent performance. The most important feature for this telecom battery is its scalability, meaning you can expand its capacity by adding more batteries and then increase the storage up to 20 kWh without any additional hardware required for parallel connections! Additionally, the built-in super-smart BMS has a programmable value and allows you to monitor the Battery’s condition in real-time!

Better Cycle Life of 48 Volt Lithium Battery

This 48 Volt Lithium Battery is a Deep Cycle Lithium Ion Battery that provides the latest technology, “Lithium Iron Phosphate”, the most durable and safest lithium chemistry. With the capacity to run over 2000 cycles, the MB-LFP48 LiFePO4 Battery series is recharged many times and provides more than 80% DOD (depth of discharge).

Simultaneously, a unique high-performance battery management system (BMS) includes charge, over-discharge and short circuit over-current (load) and temperature, flow, and total pressure protection charging using additional electricity and other protection functions. 48V Battery also provides a Bluetooth, CAN, RS485 communication interface. Remotely Monitoring can be linked to the base station’s power environmental monitoring systems, intelligent anti-theft software design, ensuring the Battery’s life, and minimising regular maintenance tasks.

Data Sheets


Performance graphs

Different Rate Discharge Curve @25℃ 3

Different discharge depth life curves &40℃0.5C 2

Different Rate Discharge Curve @25℃ 3

Different Temperature Discharge Curve @0.5C 4

Charge and discharge curve@0.5C 25℃

Charging Characteristics @0.5C 25℃

Battery Management System

Battery Management System

The lithium batteries come with a Battery Management System that can analyze and optimize every single cell in charge and discharge to safeguard the battery from damage due to over-charging, over-discharge and short circuits. The BMS aids in ensuring the safety and accuracy of running.

Modular Off Grid System

LiFePO4 Battery Safety

The 48V battery series Melasta provides high-level security thanks to the use of the rhombus cell in Lithium Phosphate technology (LiFePO4 or LFP). The Melasta range was developed to be a good alternative to lead-acid batteries with the same energy density but with quadruple energy with comparable weight and dimension.

lifepo4 prismatic batteries

Prismatic LIfePO4 Cell

Melasta premium Lithium iron phosphate Prismatic cell offers top performance and the best security and stability. Fully automated and robotic manufacturing technologies help to keep the performance of your company in a high-quality and consistent manner. The use of modern materials in the cathode and anode guarantees a long life cycle, while ceramic separators offer excellent thermal resistance.

48V Modular Structure Battery

The flexible modular design of Melasta battery can be customized to suit various voltage and capacities. 15 LiFePO4 cells are joined in series to create 48V lithium-ion batteries that are used in telecom towers modules. The module is equipped with modern BMS security options, thermal control and also communication with the external world to offer customers best performance.

Off Grid Energy Storage System

The Melasta Lithium Telecom Solution can be used in Telecom sites, commercial & industrial markets, etc. Our unique design allows the parallelization of multiple batteries, which allows for system design between 50Ah and 2000Ah. Alongside the solid engineering structure of our system it is a complex assortment of software and hardware that can provide excellent performance for batteries with huge strings and the system controller has an interactive user interface to all the important information such as alarms, status, events, and historical logs.

The reason for Energy Storage Solutions?

The shift in energy generation and consumption is driven by three major developments. the emergence of ever-lower cost distributed power technology, the decarbonization of the global electricity grid by the introduction of more sustainable energy resources, as well as the rise of digital technology.

As renewable energy production grows and operators are forced to deliver high-quality energy at a cost-effective price. Melasta Energy Storage solutions promote on-demand renewable power that is dispatch able that boosts profitability in times of fluctuating demand, maximize the power source on-site and capitalize on the peak load (while decreasing demand charges) as well as increase conventional capacity of power plants, and offer operating reserves, while increasing reliability of the energy source you use. Our team employs innovative technology and design tools to customize an agnostic technology portfolio to your particular needs.

Other Available Models


Seamless Integration with All Industry Standard Inverter/Charge Controllers

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