Stand-Alone Applications

Reliable Battery Solution for Stand-Alone Applications Lithium-ion battery technology is a reliable, low maintenance, and cost-effective solution for stand-alone applications. LiFePO4 batteries will always be

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Utility Infrastructure

Modern Batteries For Utility Infrastructure Every day, the utility industry is transforming and innovating. The electricity demand has been steadily increasing from generation to distribution

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Robotics and AGV

Reliable Robotics and AGV Batteries Robots are becoming increasingly common in everyday life and must be autonomous to complete their tasks. Melasta designs robotics and

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Medical Backup Power

Custom Medical Battery solutions Melasta offers both customized and portable medical batteries. If portability is required but not knowable upfront at design time, then our

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Power Sports

Dependable Power Sports Batteries Power sports batteries are a must-have for everyone with an ATV, UTV, dirt bike, or motorcycle. Whether you’re going to the

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Marine Batteries

Marine batteries are marine-specific batteries that have been designed for use in boats, marine vessels, and other marine equipment. These marine-specific battery applications must withstand

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Industrial Electric Vehicles

Heavy Usage Industrial electric vehicles batteries are designed to withstand the demands of heavy use. They’re also engineered for extreme temperatures and vibrations, which means

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Golf Cart Batteries

Revolutionary Design of Golf Cart Batteries Our lithium golf cart batteries are revolutionary that provide the perfect fit for all types of golf cars, utility

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Melasta Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) solutions offer the perfect blend of Our innovative technology which is designed to meet your specific specifications for your product.

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