All In One ESS With 10kWh 20kWh LiFePO4 Battery and 5KW Inverter

Voltage: 48V
Capacity: 150Ah
Energy: 10kWh
Chemistery: LiFePO4

ESS Technology Features


2X the power of traditional batteries


 The Weight and Space


4X Cycle Life


Safe and Reliable


Useable Capacity


Charges upto 5X Faster

Product Information


This unique All In One ESS home power backup is a high in demand product due to the electricity shortage around the development and secondly, it helps people to reduce their carbon footprint. The 48v 150Ah Lithium battery comes with a 5.5kW inverter. It is an all-in-one solar home battery storage system. It helps reduce the time duration between inverter and battery in the home and is the ideal choice for a backup battery for your home. A single battery is 7.5kWh and is expandable by up to fifteen groups. The energy storage system is able to supply power to connected appliances using PV power or utility power, as well as battery power. It can also store excess power generated by PV solar panels to be used whenever needed.

Expansion Modules

The expansion module of the Home battery backup system makes sure that you can expand the storage capacity for your required energy. When the power usage of your home increases and you add an additional module, you will be able to keep up with the growing demand. We have also added an inverter to this model, which is a single-stop service system that can manage the solar battery storage system for your home more efficiently. Based on various power conditions the energy storage system was designed to provide continuous power using Solar PV panels (solar panels) along with batteries, as well as the utility.

Unique Features of All In One ESS

  1. All in one design
  2. High efficiency up to 97.60%
  3. All In One ESS with IP65 protection
  4. String monitoring optional
  5. Easy installation, just plug and play
  6. Digital controller wtih DC/AC surge protection
  7. Reactive power cntroller system

Built-in Inverter

The inverter is equipped with Grid monitoring, an independent Disconnection Device (MSD Mains monitoring) with assigned Switching Devices).


Performance graphs

Different Rate Discharge Curve @25℃ 3

Different discharge depth life curves &40℃0.5C 2

Different Rate Discharge Curve @25℃ 3

Different Temperature Discharge Curve @0.5C 4

Charge and discharge curve@0.5C 25℃

Charging Characteristics @0.5C 25℃

Battery Management System

Battery Management System

The lithium batteries come with a Battery Management System that can analyze and optimize every single cell in charge and discharge to safeguard the battery from damage due to over-charging, over-discharge and short circuits. The BMS aids in ensuring the safety and accuracy of running.

Safety must be first Periority

Safety Must be first priority

The battery management system is integrated with multiple levels of security features, including deep discharge and overcharge protection, temperature and voltage observation, protection against overcurrent cell monitoring and balancing, as well, as protection against overheating. This top-quality Lithium Battery has a large capacity for power and comes with quick charging time and continuous discharge power with the highest 98% efficiency. The latest Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) technology has a larger temperature range to provide the most reliable performance. LFP has been demonstrated to be among the most secure Lithium technologies in the market and is produced to the highest quality standards.
Always have backup power

Always Have Backup Power

This Melasta lithium Battery is 10kWh Lithium Phosphate (LFP) Battery with a built-in battery management system as well as an LCD screen that incorporates and displays multiple levels of safety functions to ensure top performance. This Lithium Battery is maintenance-free and can be easily integrated with solar power or independent operation that can supply electricity to your home at night or during the day. The battery is specifically designed to provide backup power, off-grid, and time of use and self-use applications, Melasta is always reliable and will ensure that your solar system is operating even in power outages or use the energy generated during the day to provide power to your home at night.

The reason for Energy Storage Solutions?

The shift in energy generation and consumption is driven by three major developments. the emergence of ever-lower cost distributed power technology, the decarbonization of the global electricity grid by the introduction of more sustainable energy resources, as well as the rise of digital technology.

As renewable energy production grows and operators are forced to deliver high-quality energy at a cost-effective price. Melasta Energy Storage solutions promote on-demand renewable power that is dispatch able that boosts profitability in times of fluctuating demand, maximize the power source on-site and capitalize on the peak load (while decreasing demand charges) as well as increase conventional capacity of power plants, and offer operating reserves, while increasing reliability of the energy source you use. Our team employs innovative technology and design tools to customize an agnostic technology portfolio to your particular needs.

Other Available Models

other models

Seamless Integration with All Industry Standard Inverter/Charge Controllers

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