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Melasta follows international standards to provide solutions for electric motorcycles battery from 48V to 72V range. These batteries are equipped with a battery management system that can control all the features of the battery pack, including Communication with other devices and GPS to offer the real-time location of the motorcycle.

  • lead acid Replacement Solution
  • Lithium battery with smart BMS
  • Standard and Custom Battery Design
Electric MotorCycle battery

E Mobility Cell Chemistry Selection

Battery cells are an integral component that makes up the entire battery pack. Melasta offers an exceptional experience for customers who can alter their batteries to meet their specifications, and the batteries are compatible with the drive systems. The most commonly used chemistry for E-bike batteries is LiCo02 and NCM. However, Melasta also has a LiFeP04 battery as well. Additionally, Melasta is the dealer for several international brands like Panasonic, Samsung, Sony, LG, and BAK, and others, guaranteeing that your batteries will always be of the highest quality and power.

E Motorcycle Battery Cells

Why Melasta for E Motorcycle Battery Solutions

Our goal is to create ease and providing multiple solutions on one platform. We are focused on facilitating our customers by delivering innovative and best performance battery solutions according to the future market needs.

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Military grade Batteries:

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Melasta Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) solutions offer the perfect blend of Our innovative technology which is designed to meet your specific specifications for your product.

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