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There will be an end to 3G – Why Does It Matter For 3G Solar System?

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3G Solar System has been around for a long time. It was the third generation of wireless mobile telecommunications technology. But now, with newer technologies, it is being phased out. 3G is used not only for cell phone service but also for solar panel technology, fire alarms, and many other systems.

Currently, you might be owning solar panels that might be 3G operated, but should you change solar panels for the sole reason of 3G phasing out? The short answer is that you should not, but you should keep a few things in mind.

3G Solar System’s Demise

With the addition of 4G and 5G, 3G is bound to be wiped out just like 1G and 2G were replaced by 3G. Each generation adds up to the last one and becomes better. This replacement can be problematic for people who use 3G technology and do not want to upgrade. The device working with 3G cannot simply work with 4G. You need to get an updated version.

Technology Impacted on 3G Solar System

There isn’t much that needs replacement on the consumer side, but cell phones with 3G will need to be changed. Vehicles with complex integrated GPS systems will likely need higher generations like 4G and 5G. So, cars with 3G might not work until you upgrade the system. Other systems that will need replacement are medical devices, home alarm systems, and fire alarms.

Phasing Out 3G Solar Systems

Shutting down 3G will be a huge blow for homeowners with solar systems built upon 3G networks. These old networks need to be replaced by 4G and 5G. Buying new modems and meters is not inexpensive either. Systems running independently of WiFi can work without modems.

The modem’s only job is to connect to the internet and provide real-time data on electricity usage. Monitoring plays a huge role in battery performance. Monitor panels can show an increase or decrease in energy production.

Modems also show your home’s energy consumption during the night. No modems mean no net metering, which means no money saved.

Upgrading Your Modem

A modem connects your solar system to the internet. Currently, the two most famous names for making modems are SolarEdge and Enphase. They have made 3G-connected modems, too, so it is their responsibility to inform their customers about the discontinuation of 3G.

If you have such a solar system and have not been contacted by your solar system company, then contact them and ask them for an upgrade. However, warranties won’t cover your upgrading and installation cost.

3G Solar System

Is My Solar System Up To Date?

This is the job of your manufacturer or solar installer to keep you informed about the latest versions of your solar system or if an upgrade is needed. Technology is rapidly evolving, and we need to upgrade such systems constantly.

It is important to remember that your solar panels simply do not care. They will still operate even without the internet. A modem is only needed for convenience since it helps monitor your system. So if you are tight on budget and do not care about monitoring your panel’s performance, do not buy one.

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