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Top Powerwall Alternatives: Solar Energy Guide

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There are many powerwall alternatives in the market. It is really hard to choose which would be the best for your use. That’s why we have compiled a list of great powerwall so that you can relax even during a power outage.

1. SonnenCore Battery

The sonnenCore battery is a solar battery created by the German company sonnen. It uses the sonnenCore energy storage system. This system comprises a 10kWh lithium iron phosphate battery. This is a brilliant powerwall alternatives as this battery combines the characteristics of solar energy with those that are found in smart homes. All of these features should be quite expensive but they come at a fair price. Some features include energy consumption control by owners, different modes of operation, and a 10-year warranty with a low toxicity battery.

SonnenCore powerwall

2. Generac PWRcell

It’s one of the top companies that make home generators for power outages. They expanded their business by adding home batteries to their lineup. Generac PWRcell sells its solar battery with Smart Management Modules (SMMs) for a complete home backup. Some features that make it a great powerwall alternatives are:

  • Compact and provide higher energy while utilizing low storage space.
  • Can accept more modules if energy consumption changes in the future.
  • A very efficient battery with built-in optimizers.
  • Can allow off-grid operations too.

3. LG Chem RESU

LG has a chemical division called LG Chem which has made an energy storage system called LG Chem RESU. This is one of the most famous powerwall which has lived up to its name for many years. However, LG Chem provides only one size of battery. Combining these batteries in a modular system can ultimately rate a bigger storage setup. Compatible with a huge range of battery inverters, it is easy to install and pair with. It is a device that is time-tested and holds utmost reliability in this regard.

4. Enphase IQ Battery

A major name in the inverter industry, Enphase has recently started producing solar batteries for storage. The name of their new line-up is Enphase IQ Battery. As a part of great powerwall alternatives AC-coupled storage systems, IQ batteries can provide efficient self-consumption, maintain using time rates, and aid in saving money to prevent high electricity bills. They have different sizes as per customer needs and are also modular which can help in creating a bigger energy storage system. They have full integration with micro inverter technology too.

5. Panasonic EverVolt Battery

Like LG, Panasonic is synonymous with electronic brands worldwide. Its energy storage system and solar batteries are a force to be reckoned with. You can find some of the most efficient solar panels being made by Panasonic. The Panasonic EverVolt Battery combines seamlessly with these solar panels and these batteries can be paired up to produce higher energy output. Being a great powerwall alternatives, these batteries can be DC or AC coupled, offer long-term backup, and can charge only from solar panels.

6. Electriq Power PowerPod 2

Compared to the others in this list, is a fairly new company that began in a California garage in 2014. Despite its humble origins, Electriq has grown quickly. Now, it is offering Electriq Power PowerPod 2, a solar battery that can be used for load-shifting and backup power so that its high peak power charges come under Time-of-Use billing. It can be AC and DC-coupled. Its size varies from 10 to 20 kWh. The battery chemistry is almost harmless and has an efficiency of 96.6%.

7. SunPower Equinox Storage

Known for its high-quality solar panels SunPower expanded its business by launching its first solar battery called the SunPower Equinox Storage system. A great powerwall alternative, this battery enables a software solution that when paired with a SunPower Equinox solar panel system grants you the ability to keep your lights on during power outages and maintain your electricity consumption. This system contains two fundamental constituents: the battery and the Hub+. The Hub+ manages energy, controls energy storage, determines energy consumption, and switches to backup power mode. 

8. Pika Harbor Battery System

Another market popular in inverter technology is Pika. A great powerwall alternatives, it was recently acquired by Generac. This acquisition caused slight changes to the in-stock availability. Interested customers can buy a Pika system through Generac. As an alternative, this solar battery system is an expensive one. It is a $2000 enclosure. Installation of this system requires a professional, but customers can purchase this on their own too. However, the battery system and the installation are quite expensive.

9 Best Powerwall Alternatives is Melasta Powerwall

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