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In what time frame does a solar panel installation take place?

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Solar panel installation is a huge upgrade to home, and It is natural for humans to be curious about everything, and installing solar panels is no different. Homeowners might ask themselves, why am I installing solar panels, and how long will it take? This is why we will walk you through the process and the duration of installing solar panels.

Selecting A Solar Installer

Duration: One day to two weeks.

Selecting the right installer will not only save you money but will also give you good-quality solar panels. Make sure that you are choosing a reliable company with an experience of five years or more. Select a NABCEP certified installer and a trustworthy person with positive customer reviews. Research and spend some time to get the best installers and best quotes.

Site Evaluation

Duration: One week.

Now, you can examine and assess your roof. An expert from the solar panel installation company can determine your roof’s direction, size, shading, and condition. They will also check for flaws or defects in the roof’s structural integrity.

System Design

Duration: Two to three weeks.

After your roof is ready for solar, an engineer will start designing your solar system depending upon your utility requirements, roof characteristics, electricity usage, and local building code requirements. This can take more time if the roof is complex.

Application Building Permits

Duration: Two to seven weeks.

This is the longest stage and needs to be done before solar panel installation. Permits vary per state. The timings of approval also depend upon the state. However, you shouldn’t worry, as your solar installer will handle the paperwork.

Solar Panel Installation

Scheduling installation

Duration: One to four weeks.

After permit approval, work can get started quickly as the items have been shipped. The only thing that takes time is scheduling the installation of solar panels. If there are supply chain issues, it will take a longer time.

Solar Panel Installation

Duration: Six hours to three days.

The solar panel installation is the shortest stage in the whole process which can be extended if the roof design is complex. Usually, the process won’t take more than three days unless unforeseen events unfold.

City Inspection

Duration: One to two weeks.

The process is complete, but you can’t rest easy yet. A local inspector will check the solar system’s proper installation and building requirements. This is a safety measure to prevent accidents. It only takes a few hours, but scheduling an appointment can take weeks.

Utility Interconnection and Operating Approval

Duration: Two to six weeks.

Approval from your utility company is also required before you start generating electricity. Utility approval will take quite some time. After approval, the utility company will come and install a new electrical meter to monitor your solar energy production. There will also be a quick inspection. Finally, The utility company will approve your interconnection agreement, and you can freely generate your electricity.

The Time It Takes To Get Solar

What we are providing is only an estimate. Many factors can delay the timeline or hasten it. Getting solar power for your home typically takes two to six months. Contact your solar installer for more details to better understand your timeline.

Worth The Wait?

You might wonder if it is worth waiting six months for just solar power. Let us tell you, it is. You can only expect good things once the solar panel installation is completed. These solar panels will only take nine years to pay off their cost. After this, you will enjoy free electricity for fifteen years. Also, solar energy is renewable, so it is good for the Earth.

However, you might still be thinking about the usefulness of solar panels. If you want to see how much investment and time you have to pay to get solar, try out a solar calculator which tells you about all the incentives available, the number of solar panels, and the payback period.

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