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Free Solar Panels: Are They Really Free in 2023?

are free solar panels possible in 2023? If you shop a lot and have looked into home solar, then you might’ve seen free solar panels being advertised by solar companies. These offers might seem tempting, but many people choose not to trust them since nothing can be free in this world. This article will dive […]

What is a Carbon Footprint?

We, as humans, have wreaked such havoc on Earth that we might face extinction. This is why the term carbon footprint was introduced. This encourages individual responsibility for taking care of the environment. This way, people do their part to help the planet. Global warming and climate change are such major matters that one individual […]

How Can I Tell If My Solar Panels Are Working?

Are my solar panels working properly ? You will understand about your solar panels while reading this article Solar panels can last 25 years or more with proper use. Since they don’t have any moving parts and keep working silently, it’s hard to determine if they’re functioning properly. This article will explain how you can […]