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Do Power Outages Affect Best Solar Panels?

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Solar panels solely cannot work in case of power outages in your home. However, with a solar battery, the situation changes entirely. When a solar panel is paired with a battery, you can access the power the solar panel stored via the battery and help yourself get electricity during a power outage.

With a Powerwall, you can rest easy even in a power outage because you can continue to work as per your normal routine without any hindrance. This is why we need more renewable power now since the growing population is putting quite a strain on the national grid and electrical distribution.

What’s The Need for a Solar Battery during Power Outages?

Power outages can happen for many reasons, be it accidental or intentional; one must be prepared to face the consequences regardless of the cause. Extreme weather conditions like hurricanes, cyclones, typhoons, tornadoes, floods, wildfires, and many more can cause the electric grid to shut down for obvious reasons.

There can simply be a system overload, too, due to many devices being used simultaneously, and so, to protect electricity consumers, power distributors can turn that electricity off. The electricity shut down will also turn off your solar panels which have been getting energy from the sun. Grid overload can also cause utilities to shut down. There are other reasons for a power shutdown too. One of them can be for protecting technicians who have been tasked to fix any malfunctioned or faulty power lines. This way, they can avoid being electrically shocked while doing their job.

Another reason is the grid-tied solar system. A solar inverter connects the grid to your solar panel system. The inverter is then connected to a smart meter which monitors the energy used and all the electricity records in your home. It also keeps tabs on the extra solar energy stored by the solar battery, which is sent to the utility.

Due to all the connections, the grid shuts down your solar panels. Be cautious about net metering, too, as you have to keep it in mind when using electricity. However, if you do not know about it, here is a quick definition. Net metering is a billing system that rewards solar energy users for the electricity they add to the electrical grid.

An example can be a person having a photovoltaic solar panel with a solar battery. However, he won’t use all of the electrical energy the panels generate, and the excess can be routed from the solar battery to the grid. When he takes electricity from the grid, the grid charges him, but if he gives electricity to the grid, the grid rewards him. It is like trading with the electrical grid; the currency is electricity.

With net metering, you can save more on electricity by selling the extra energy to your utility company. This offer varies by the state or locality you are living in. Your solar company can teach and guide you through the appropriate steps. Please contact them for more information. An effective way to survive through power outages is to have a solar battery paired up with your solar panels.

Whatever energy your solar panels generate will be stored in the battery, and you can use it during power outages. In recent times, many utility companies are realizing the true value of solar batteries and are making their infrastructure such to accommodate this renewable technology into them.

Power Outage

Unexpected Blackouts? No Worries As a Solar Battery Has Got You Covered

You can easily work through any blackout if you have a trusty solar battery paired up with your solar panels. You can easily power up any device in your home with the excess energy that your solar panels generate and store in the battery. Backup generators work fine too but serve as temporary solutions in times of blackouts. They also release harmful gases into the atmosphere while running on fossil fuels which isn’t good for the environment.

With a solar battery, you can rest easy as it provides a basic, secure, and worry-free option for any problem regarding blackouts. You can also decide how much energy you want to backup in power outages. Many companies provide a holistic battery service that gives the control of this energy in the consumer’s hands. They guarantee 24/7 maintenance and monitoring so that you do not suffer in times of power outages.

Unprecedented Rise in Power Outages

The United States leads all the countries in the list of developed nations with power outages and blackouts. Every year millions of people are displaced and rehabilitated due to natural disasters like heat waves, extreme hurricanes, and blistering wildfires.

The East Coast alone experiences winds of 60 mph which can topple as many as 4,000 power lines and cut off power to over 1 million people. The West Coast isn’t safe from any disaster either, as raging fires like the ones in California can force utility companies to turn off the electricity supply to thousands of homes. Due to the increased fear and caution, power companies tend to shut off electricity when they fear any future disaster.

California is an example where news reporters tell us that utility companies intentionally shut down power because they fear that heat waves or wildfires will engulf the electric lines and damage them. They sometimes switch off the power if they think the electricity demand will overload the supply.

Solar Batteries to the Rescue!

The power grids are deteriorating; it is just a matter of time before they fall completely. These grids are more than 100 years old; if they are not repaired, there will be chaos. Renewable power is needed to let the grid rest and repair, which comes in the form of solar storage.

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