LiFePO4 Batteries Provides Top Performance and Long-Term Savings

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LiFePO4 batteries pack a lot of useful features in a single package. Knocking out standard lead-acid batteries, LiFePO4 is a more effective technology. Numerous producers, people, and businesses are transforming and making the switch to customized lithium batteries.

Lithium technology has numerous benefits over standard batteries. It needs no maintenance and doesn’t generate explosive hydrogen gas. It gives as much as 10X the lifespan compared to a lead-acid battery. LiFePO4 batteries weigh one-third as much as lead-acid batteries and charge up to 5 times quicker, depending on the battery charger that is used.

When you switch to a LiFePO4 battery, you double your battery capacity, increase operational time, and lower energy waste. Lithium does not harm the environment as it has no heavy metals and no carcinogenic properties. When compared to a lead-acid battery, its longer life period substantially decreases production and transport emissions.

Lithium’s long battery life period is due to the low resistance of its chemistry. These cost savings make lithium batteries a more important long-lasting financial investment than lead-acid batteries.

LiFePO4 Batteries Save Money in Solar Applications

A customer made the switch from lead-acid batteries to lithium ones for its solar applications. The power security electronic cameras installed at the top of the light poles needed battery replacements every 18 months. A bucket truck was needed to service these units. The contracted expense of replacing the battery estimated to $500.

By providing juice to the applications with lithium solar batteries, the business added over 6 years of battery life, decreasing labor expenses over this duration by more than $1,500. In addition, the applications were more effective with 30 % faster charging. This is simply one example out of numerous lithium clients that are seeing cost savings.

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Lithium Lowers A Material Handling Business’s Expenses

In another scenario, a material managing business situated in a factory that runs 3 shifts a day decreased its overall energy expenses by 65 percent. After evaluating its energy usage needed to charge cart devices, it changed from lead-acid to lithium and began saving $1,100 per cart every year.

The business had actually been replacing lead-acid battery loads several times a day so that carts might be utilized constantly. With lithium, the business is now charging rapidly at numerous points in the day and no longer needs to change battery packs.

The cost savings you’ll get from changing your lead-acid batteries with lithium permit you to divert more of your budget plan on higher priorities. Speak with an expert for suggestions on powering your applications, and knock out your extreme expenses by opting for lithium.

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