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Top Quality LiFePO4 Prismatic & Cylindrical Cells

Melasta’s LFP Cell series features prismatic and cylindrical models for both power and energy cells. With a proven and secure lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) Chemistry, the LFP Cell series offers various battery configurations suited to different needs specific to the application. With high efficiency and extremely fast charging and discharging, the LFP Cell range is perfect for industrial applications in which a long life span and fast charging are essential.

LFP Cell consists of energy and power cells. Power cells are made to carry high current for a short amount of time, making them suitable for high-speed and starter applications. On the other hand, energy cells have been designed to supply steady current over a prolonged period, making them perfect for cyclic applications.

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Melasta offers a wide variety of sizes and configurations to support diverse applications. In addition, for applications with specific power requirements, our experienced engineers can develop, test, and create customized battery solutions to meet the unique needs of almost every application. Contact us today to get more details about our tailored battery solutions.

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La personalizzazione e i prodotti di Melasta Battery mirano a fornire soluzioni integrate intelligenti e innovative, che si basano sulla gestione dei progetti, si affidano a team specializzati e dedicano laboratori di ricerca e sviluppo, hanno una competitività di base di "risposta rapida, personalizzazione unica e garanzia affidabile", per soddisfare i requisiti dei progetti innovativi.

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