How to Remove and Reinstall Solar Panels?

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Reinstall Solar panels are an easy way to save money while doing something good for the planet. They have a lifespan of 25+ years which is a long time. You might have to remove and reinstall solar panels to repair your roof or perform maintenance. This article will cover the entire process so that you don’t worry about it.

Removal and Reinstall Solar Panels

There are two reasons why you might need to remove and reinstall your solar panels:

Fixing The Roof:

A minor roof fixing may cause the removal of some or all solar panels for maintenance. It feels like hard work but removing solar panels before fixing your roof decreases the chances of damaging your solar panels while fixing your roof. A solar expert can help in the removal of solar panels from your roof. This is because roofers are only trained to fix roofs, not remove and reinstall solar panels.

Fixing The Solar Panel System:

It is not necessary that your roof might need fixing if you’re removing solar panels. Sometimes, the solar panels might be damaged and would need fixing. A safe option is to remove them, fix them, and then reinstall them on the roof so that the roof isn’t damaged in the process of fixing your solar panels. 

Other reasons for removing solar panels can be working on home repairs like satellite dishes, HVAC systems, trees, the attic, or electrical wires. Solar panels will also be removed when you move to a new home.

Removing And Reinstalling Solar Panels Myself

It’s impossible to remove and reinstall solar panels yourself. Being confident is good, but you’ll need the correct expertise or tools to perform this task. These projects require special tools, which can be costly for the average homeowner. Even if you attempt to perform this process, you can void any warranties or contracts on the solar panels.

A solar panel system is not a toy but a complicated power plant full of electrical connections and wiring that only solar experts understand. They are trained individuals who have worked on this for years, so you should leave it for those with experience. Plus, purchasing a solar panel system is a huge investment. You wouldn’t want to mess it up by removing it yourself.

Furthermore, permitting is a complicated process and can only be handled by a professional solar installer. You need a permit to connect the electrical grid to your solar panel system. Only a licensed installer can carry out this process. So, make sure to contact a reliable solar company that removes and reinstalls solar panels.

Many roofing companies claim that they can handle solar panel removal and reinstallation, but they are just looking for ways to make extra bucks. You should only rely on professional solar installers for such a task.

The Cost And Timings

The cost and time frame to remove and reinstall solar panels is dependent on the solar company you hire. You must also factor in the repair costs for your roof or solar panels. To get a good start on your plan of fixing your roof and removing and reinstalling solar panels, you should contact the appropriate companies from the beginning. Researching solar installers and roofers will cement the time frame for your solar project.

The Length Of The Project

Normal solar panel removal and reinstallation typically take two days. This can change if you have huge solar arrays. Then you need to add the time it will take to do the repairs. All in all, it will take about three days to complete this project:

  • A day for removing the panels.
  • A day for completing the project.
  • A day for reinstalling the panels.

Major repairs can extend the timeframe. However, transparent communication with your company will help determine how long the project will take before you begin it.

The Cost

The cost of removing and reinstalling can vary with different solar companies. While the cost to remove and reinstall solar panels depends on the solar company you choose, every company will have a different quote as the base price for their work. The cost depends on a few factors:


Your home can be located anywhere. If the location is a decent neighbourhood with normal roads and a good environment, then solar panel removal and reinstallation will be a piece of cake. However, if your home is located in an unusual area like a beaten-off track, you’ll have to pay additional costs for the safety of the workers. Any change to the standard requirements can cause you to pay more for the removal and reinstallation of solar panels.


Your area may suffer from bad weather. Removing and reinstalling solar panels in unfavourable weather can be a risky task. It also increases the chances of damaging your roof or solar panels. So, the company handling this project might ask you for more cash due to the increased risk. Also, if any equipment is damaged during this, those are additional costs for you to cover. Try to check the weather forecast before you plan any repairs to avoid all this.

Condition Of The Hardware:

Hardware removal can have additional costs. Some types of hardware may be difficult to remove. The more specialised and specific the task is, the more it will cost. Solar hardware can include:

  • Mounts.
  • Inverters.
  • Racking system.

Condition Of Your Panels:

Severely damaged solar panels won’t need fixing but need replacing, which can cost a lot. You’re basically purchasing new solar panels. You’ll need to actively plan your budget to cover the cost of replacing solar panels. Extra payment can be added if the roofing material has to be shipped off-site.

Condition Of Your Roof:

If your roof requires major repairs, then it will cost a lot. More costs can be added if you want to redesign your roof. The cost can also change if you use customised roofing materials to improve the energy efficiency of your roof.

The Process

Once you’ve hired a solar company to do the job, their step-by-step approach would look something like this:

Home Visit:

The analysis of your home will start with a home visit and inspection to check the condition of your roof and panels. After inspection, you’ll get an estimated cost and timeline for the solar panel work. This information is extremely useful as you can use this to coordinate with the roofing expert responsible for fixing your roof.

After you approve the timeline, you’ll sign the roofing and solar company’s paperwork. Please read the contract carefully to ensure you agree with all the conditions. Avoid signing anything that may void your warranty or contract in the future.

Storage and Removal:

Professional solar panel technicians will remove the solar panels from your roof. The storage of your solar panels can change the timeline of the process. It all depends on where they are stored and how long it will take to transport them so they may be reinstalled. Storage is only needed if the project will take more time to complete.

After solar panel removal, a thorough inspection will be conducted on the roof, your panels, or any mounting hardware. This step will let you know if your mounting hardware or solar panels require repair or replacement.

The condition of your solar panels will determine your project’s revised timeline and cost, which are covered in the contract. This is when the roofing company will also inspect your roof. After inspection, they’ll provide their insight if the timeline needs to be extended or if you are on the right track depending upon the condition of your roof.

This confirmation is needed because not everything is visible on the roof when there are panels. The roofing might’ve missed something in the initial assessment, which they could discover in this inspection.


Sometimes, the solar panels might be relocated if the project is more suitable. It is helpful to know the location of the panels once they’re relocated so you can easily locate them and check if they’re in good condition. Relocation means time and money allocation to the project, so consider it when planning it.

As every roof is different in shape and size, you might require new hardware for a roof if you’re shifting to a new home. Ensure you are on the same page as your roofing and solar company.


Repairs are fixes to the roof or panels if any issues are detected. The duration of this process depends upon the extent of damage on the roof or panels, current weather conditions, and the companies’ preparedness for that job. This work typically includes tasks like:

  • Confirming successful repairs.
  • Replacing damaged hardware.
  • Replacing or repairing solar panels.
  • Replacing or repairing the roof.

Reinstallation and Review:

After everything is repaired, fixed, and set in place, the solar installer may propose another upgrade or a different design if he feels it is needed. However, it’s your choice to accept or reject that suggestion. You’ll need brand-new flashing installed to increase the lifespan of your solar system. This will also reduce the need for repairs in the future.

A final review of the system and the roof will be done, and this inspection will be done just to ensure everything is in the right place. Your solar company will also contact your local utility company to confirm the system’s proper connection to the grid.

Solar panel removal and reinstallation is a short process that can increase in duration if some factors change. The cost and the timeframe of the process depend on a lot of things. We will advise you to hire professional roofing and solar companies for this process so that you can be at ease with your decision.

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