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IFR18650-5C LiFePO4 Cells High Drain

Voltage: 3.2V
Capacity: 1.4 Ah
Energy:4.48 Wh
Weight: 40 g

LiFePo4 Technology Features


2 veces la potencia de las pilas tradicionales


 The weight and space


4X cycle life


safe and reliable


Useable capacity


Carga hasta 5 veces más rápido

A Partial State of charge (PSOC)

A partially charged state is not the best alternative when it comes to lead-acid batteries. Lead-acid batteries don’t perform well if they are not properly charged. In such a scenario, lithium-ion batteries will be the best option that will work well in a partial state of charge. Melasta batteries are able to function properly even when they are in a charging state.

Capacity Utilization Compression

The typical Lead-acid battery is larger in size, however, they have lower energy density when contrasted to Melasta Li-ion battery. Melasta batteries offer 100percent of the claimed capacity and have a much lower self-discharge rate. They are more durable with high durability and reliability.

High Efficiency

Melasta batteries are extremely efficient, with an efficiency of 99% of charging and discharging. They are extremely resistant and can recharge much faster in comparison to traditional lead-acid batteries. Lead-acid batteries are able to achieve 60% capacity, and they have a lower recharge rate.

Maintenance Free

The most appealing thing about Melasta Li-ion batteries is they don’t require any maintenance, and no watering, and no corrosion. The self-discharge rate is extremely small for Melasta batteries. They also don’t lose capacity when they are idle and this feature can ensure that you have energy when you require it.

The Longest Life Cycle

Melasta has developed its batteries to meet modern standards of technology and manufactures them at the top of the line factories with the latest technology. Therefore, the life of our batteries lasts 10 years longer than conventional lead-acid batteries. Melasta batteries are still able to provide up to 85% to 80 percent of their capacity after completing the 2000 cycles. Therefore, it will reduce the replacements of your batteries for your appliances.

Green Energy

Melasta manufactures all batteries that meet international environmental and safety standards. It does not make use of any harmful material that could impact natural environmental conditions. Melasta is proud to supply renewable energy to the world.

Información sobre el producto


The 18650 LiFePO4 Cells are part of our MB-LFP Battery cells series; Lithium Iron Phosphate chemistry makes these cells safer and suitable for fast discharging applications. The 3.2V 1000 mAh 18650 cylindrical cell can be perfect for various commercial applications with high efficiency and super-fast charging and discharging. A long lifetime and fast charging capability are required. With a button terminal, the 18650 lithium iron phosphate battery offers numerous options for configuration. The battery can deliver 2000 cycles at 80% depth of discharge (DoD). The MB-IFR18650 is a power cell. Power cells are made to provide continuous current for a prolonged period, which makes them perfect for cycles like energy storage, electric mobility scooters, and many more.

LiFePO4 Cells Temperature

Melasta 18650 LiFePO4 Cells are a more secure alternative to other battery technologies, such as LiCoO2 or manganese. We offer the 18650 LiFePO4 Cells that are extremely stable in chemical and thermal stability and discharge within temperatures ranging from -20 ℃ to 60℃.

Ficha de datos

Datasheet Table

Gráficos de rendimiento

Cylindrical cells graphs

These are the performance graphs for the model 3.2V 3800mAh MB-IFR26650E under these conditions. Please Póngase en contacto con nosotros for the Graphs for other specific models.

Charge and discharge curve

Charge: CC-CV 0.5C(max) 3.65V, cut-off at 25℃

Discharge: CC 0.5C, 2.4V Cut-off at 25℃

Different Rate Discharge Curve:

Charge: CC-CV 0.5C 3.65V, Cut-off at 25℃

Discharge: CC 1.0C, 2.5V, Cut-off at 25℃

Different Temperature Discharge Curve

Charge ≥ 25℃ Charge cut-off 2.0V, 1.0C

Discharge ≤ 10℃ Discharge cut-off at 2.5V 1.0C


Charge-Discharge Cycle Curve:

Charge: CC-CV 1C 3.65V, Cut-off at 25℃

Discharge: CC 1C, 2.5V, Cut-off at 25℃

Otros modelos disponibles

Standard Cells

High Drain LFP Battery Cell Models

wdt_ID Cell Model Nominal Vol. Nominal Capacity Dimensions(mm) Height Standard Charge Rate(C) Fast Charge Rate(C) Max Continuous Dis. Rate(C) Pulse Dis. Current Charge Cut-off Vol.(V) Dis. Cut-off Vol.(V) Weight
1 (V) (mAh) Diameter approx.(g)
2 IFR18500P-800 3.2 800 18.5 1 2 10 12A ≤ 1S 3,65 2 26
3 IFR18500P-900 3.2 900 18.5 1 2 10 13.5A ≤ 1S 3,65 2 28
4 IFR22430P-950 3.2 950 22.5 1 2 10 14.25A ≤ 1S 3,65 2 45
5 IFR18650P-1100 3.2 1100 18.35 2 5 30 40A ≤ 5S 3,65 2 41
6 IFR18650P-1400 3.2 1400 18.35 1 3 10 21A ≤ 5S 3,65 2 40
7 IFR22650P-1600 3.2 1600 22.5 1 3 10 24A ≤ 3S 3,65 2 60
8 IFR26650P-3000 3.2 2900 26.15 1 3 10 45A ≤ 5S 3,65 2 84
9 IFR26650P-2300 3.2 2300 26.15 2 5 20 70A ≤ 5S 3,65 2 86
10 IFR26650P-2500 3.2 2500 26.2 1 5 20 125A ≤ 3S 3,65 2 86

LFP Battery Prismatic series Cells Models

LFP Battery Prismatic series Cells Model List

wdt_ID Battery Model Nominal Vol. Nominal Capacity Dimension width Impedance Max Cont. Max plus Dis.Rate Weight Approx. (g)
1 Height (mὨ) Dis. Rate
2 (V) (Ah) (mm)
3 LFP28770180P 3.2 20 180 2 5C 10C/10S 610±20
4 LFP32173128P 3.2 50 128 1 3C 5C/10S 1350±20
5 LFP48174170P 3.2 100 170 1 3C 5C/10S 2600±20
6 LFP48174170E 3.2 120 170 1 1C 3C/10S 2950±20
Battery Model Nominal Vol. Nominal Capacity Dimension width Impedance Max Cont. Max plus Dis.Rate Weight Approx. (g)

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