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Modern Batteries For Utility Infrastructure

Every day, the utility industry is transforming and innovating. The electricity demand has been steadily increasing from generation to distribution all over the world but this growing need can’t be met with aging infrastructure that’s inefficient in terms of power quality or costs, so innovations are needed! At Melasta we understand how crucial battery solutions have become by providing not just better energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness than ever before, but also leading way into a new smart future powered by renewable energy sources because we’re always looking ahead to find what works best.

Intelligent Batteries For Transportation Infrastructure

At Melasta, we understand the power requirements and unique applications of transportation infrastructure. From charging stations, to traffic lights and railway crossings; Melasta has the right utility infrastructure battery solution. As one of the world’s leading providers of batteries solutions, you can be assured that we have reliable power for your transportation infrastructure needs 24 hours per day. Transportation is critical in our economy so it requires uninterrupted power at all times! Our battery solutions are designed with reliability built into them from quality manufacturing standards to provide dependable power for critical applications.

Telecom Batteries

Telecommunications are important in today’s utility infrastructure. Melasta is a company that offers battery solutions for critical applications in the telecom industry. We have long-lasting, quality batteries with design features including excellent cyclic performance and high energy density which are perfect for on-grid or off-grid use as well.

Telecommunications need the power to function properly so Melasta’s battery solutions come at just the right time!

Transport Signal Batteries

Melasta is a manufacturer of the highest quality, reliable batteries that are used to power rail signals. Our cutting-edge manufacturing process along with stringent control procedures create top-notch battery technology for superior electrical mechanical controls which allow safety to be maintained in traffic signal applications.

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