Medizinische Notstromversorgung

Custom Medical Battery solutions

Melasta offers both customized and portable medical batteries. If portability is required but not knowable upfront at design time, then our engineers are happy to help and come up with solutions using Lithium-Ion chemistries such as LiFePO4 which lasts longer than any other chemistry currently used.

OEM Batteries

Manufacturers around the world look for Melasta medical batteries while developing battery-powered medical equipment. Melasta has a proven track record for providing high-quality medical batteries and chargers for multiple medical applications such as medical carts. Whether the medical battery is needed to be the primary power source or as a backup for a device, our professional engineers can provide you with the right battery solution.

The Mobility Experts Of Medical Batteries

Melasta knows just how much people rely on their mobility equipment. Whether it’s a high-quality electric wheelchair, an affordable mobility scooter, or the latest in stairlifts and hoists, they all depend heavily on reliable battery power to keep them going. That’s why Melasta offers one of the widest ranges of medical batteries for any budget like state-of-the-art lithium cells.

Reliable Power For Medical Carts

Medical carts are an essential piece of equipment in today’s hospitals. They allow doctors and nurses to take care of patients with the best care possible, by helping them move around more easily and providing a quick way for medical personnel to access supplies that they need at any given time. A key step in choosing the right medical battery is how much power you want it to provide your cart as well as mobility improvements such as increasing run times or improving speed within different environments (such as on rough terrain).

Sprechen Sie mit einem Experten

Melasta Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)-Lösungen bieten die perfekte Mischung aus unserer innovativen Technologie, die auf Ihre spezifischen Spezifikationen für Ihr Produkt abgestimmt ist.


Wenn Sie Hilfe bei der Auswahl der richtigen Batterie für Ihre Anwendung benötigen, wenden Sie sich bitte an uns. Wir haben ein engagiertes Expertenteam, das Ihnen gerne weiterhilft.

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